Why ImperaSENSE

Automatically categorization of unknown domains – in just 10 minutes.​
Crawler based Cyber X-RAY​
Protect your remote users wherever they go.​
Advanced and agile to stay ahead of potential threats.​
Total control over internet.​
Integrates internet, endpoint and email security for advanced protection.​
Protects guest Wi-fi​
100% security to users, whether on and off network.​

Agile and secured DNS Layer​

ImperaSense is highly capable of protecting all your users at DNS level from cyber attacks and threats. It provides effective protection against zero hour malware, ransomware, spam, phishing attacks with the help of AI based domain classification. ​
Highly flexible and very easy to deploy.​ A complete solution to protect all your local as well as remotely installed servers/users/clients.​

Advanced Reporting Dashboard


1 What is ImperaSENSE?​

ImperaSENSE is a total 360o cybersecurity solution with multiple customizable variants suitable for multiple organizational structures.​

2 What is Cybersecurity?​

Cybersecurity is a set of protocols/technology/procedures that protects the computer systems in a network, applications and other utilities from harmful Cyberattacks, malwares and threats.

3 What are Cyberattacks?​

A cyber attack is an offensive action, which includes unauthorized access to a network or a computer system, which is intended to harm the system and sensitive data.

4 What are Cyberthreats?​

A potential cyber attack, which may be assigned a probability of occurrence.​

5 What are Malwares?​

Malware is an umbrella term derived from "malicious software", and refers to any software that is intrusive (unauthorized access), disruptive, or destructive to computer systems and networks. Malware may take many forms (executable code, data files) and includes, but is not limited to, computer viruses, worms, trojan horses (trojans), bots (botnets), spyware (system monitors, adware, tracking cookies), rogueware (scareware, ransomware), and other malicious programs. The majority of active malware threats are usually worms or trojans rather than viruses.​

6 Why do we need Cybersecurity solutions.​

Data, applications and software , computer networks and other IT processes are backbone of any organization of any size. In today’s era of automation majority of businesses are dependent on Computer networks for operating their businesses. This dependency will drastically increase and includes storage and transfer of organization’s sensitive data on networks. So to protect the sensitive data, business and entire computer network of an organization, Cybersecurity is a solution.​